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All alone, together... on the open road!!

As we learn how to share love through distance, you have the opportunity to bring people back together again. Although we’ve all been affected in different ways by COVID, a common need was recognized; the yearning to spend more time with those who are closest to us, even if they’re miles away. 

We are receiving more inquiries than ever before and need rentals like yours to make it possible. Whether it be a Travel Trailer or Camper Van, Popup or Class C, Toy Hauler or Class A- the ideal renter is waiting and so is the financial opportunity during this time.

Contact us today for answers and support… we are eager create adventure together! 

» Wednesday June 24, 2020 @ 1:18 PM

New General Manager

Unfortunately due to her health, Cindy has stepped down from her position of General Manager. Nikki Valencia is taking over as the new General Manager of Owners Rental.

Nikki brings a lifetime of experience as a business owner and entreprenuer, not to mention experience in the RV Rental industry as having been a client of Owner's Rental herself. While many of you have developed a great relationship with Cindy over the years, Nikki and Joyce have teamed up to provide you with the same excellent personal customer service you have grown accustomed to throughout the years and are working on taking Owner's Rental to new heights.

Both Joyce and Nikki want to thank you for your continued patronage.

» Monday February 24, 2020 @ 1:52 AM

New insurance program

Check out this beautiful Arizona weather we're having!  Perfect time to plan that much needed vacation in one of our beautiful class A or class C motor homes, travel trailers, toy haulers or even a  pop up tent trailer.  We have what you are looking for!  We also are very happy to announce that we have a great new insurance program that enables all customers to purchase insurance on any RV we have available on our site if you are not able to get an insurance binder through your auto insurance company.  We have everyone covered as far as the insurance goes so just ask us how to obtain the insurance.   If you own an RV and have thought about making some extra money by renting out your RV through our site you'll be  happy to know that your RV is totally covered through our new insurance program at  NO charge to you!  We have you covered!  So whether you are looking for that perfect RV for your much needed vacation or are interested in listing your RV for rent on our site, we can help you so give us a call while the weather is so perfect! 1-800-793-7460

» Thursday May 03, 2018 @ 1:52 PM

We've been connecting rv owners & renters for over 25 years!!

Rent directly from an RV owner and get the best service available.  Arizona has the best sites to visit and breath taking country to see! You will be connected directly to an RV owner that can help you plan the perfect vacation.

If you just want to stay a couple months and need a place to stay we have travel trailer owners that will deliver to the place you choose  set up and pick them up when you are finished for a minimal fee.

Many of our owners become friends with the people they rent to and continue to keep in touch.  We have been connecting owners and renters for over 25 years.

» Monday February 24, 2020 @ 1:50 AM

Wonderfull Weather ...get out and ENJOY!!

We have beautiful weather and lots of wonderful places to visit and events to attend.  Time to get that unit reserved for that special time with friends and family. Are you planning that special summer vacation? We have the perfect vehicle ...class A...class trailer...tent trailer, we have them all!

» Thursday March 23, 2017 @ 1:23 PM

Winter is almost here!

Well we are almost through the hot summer and the holidays are approaching quite fast!  Some of you may be traveling to other states to spend time with your family for Thanksgiving or Christmas and what better way to travel than in one of our beautiful motor homes?  So easy to pack up the kids and everything you need and just hit the road.  Much nicer than having to spend hours on an airplane with nothing for the kids to do so, why not try traveling in an RV?  If you have never done it you will be surprised at how much fun it can be and the kids will love it!  Or maybe you are going to have your family coming in town to spend the holidays at your home but you don't have enough room for everyone?  We have the answer for you.  We have many motor homes and travel trailers that you can park at your home for the extra family to sleep.  Many of our owners will be happy to deliver the RV, set it up, and pick it up when you are finished with it for a small fee and it will be all ready when you family arrives.  We have many different sizes so whatever you need, we can help!  Start making those holiday plans now and give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect RV for you holiday needs!

» Wednesday September 21, 2016 @ 1:34 PM

Beautiful Arizona Autumn

We have finally cooled of and it's time to get outside to enjoy what wonderful weather we have.  We have lots of Arizona to explore and lots of fun events to enjoy.  Are you planning trips for the holidays or better yet have family come here to enjoy this great state.  Not enough room?  We can help .... we have lots of beautiful trailers for additional room .. delivered if you wish.  We have a lot of nice motorhomes to explore the state and maybe choose somewhere you have not visited before. We can't forget NASCAR coming right up next month and then there is Country Thunder.  Call us we can help! 

» Wednesday October 21, 2015 @ 1:01 PM

Summer is coming fast!!!!!

Time to plan that great vacation or maybe just a weekend getaway.  we have something that will just fit your need.

» Wednesday April 22, 2015 @ 1:48 PM

The holidays are fast approaching!

Well, the hot weather is finally slowly leaving us and the holidays are approaching quickly.  This year has gone by so fast that it's hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner!  Do you have family coming to visit you for the holidays and don't have enough room for everyone to stay in the house?  We have the answer to solve this problem...We have many really nice travel trailers that work great for extra room for visiting family!  Don't have a truck to tow the trailer to your house? No problem at all because, most of our travel trailer owners would be more than happy to deliver, set up and pick up the trailer when you are done with it for a minimal fee.  If you need a larger trailer for a big family or just a small trailer for just one or two people we can help you.  Or maybe you are wanting to travel out of town to go visit your family in another state for the holidays, we can also help you find the perfect motor home for traveling and instead of finding room in your families home to sleep you will bring your own home on wheels and will have your own private motor home to sleep in. What could be better than that?

» Monday November 19, 2018 @ 1:18 PM

Now is the time to make plans for the summer... It is such a fun relaxing way to travel!!

We still have availability for the summer so you still have choices. Maybe you just need a getaway now... go to the snow... skiing and lots of fun activities. We can help you. There are lots of local activities coming up. March brings NASCAR and April is Country Thunder.... we still have some units available for both. Now is the time to book a unit so don't delay!

» Friday May 24, 2013 @ 1:59 AM

We need to increase our inventory... do you have a motorhome or trailer?

We want to keep all of our owners as busy as they want to be so we try to keep our inventory at a minimum. We want clean well maintained units. Motorhomes need to be 2015 and up..... condition is more important in the trailers than age. We have a great program and we will email or mail information to you. It is a great way to help cut the cost of owning an RV. For more information call 623-247-3984 or email

» Sunday February 23, 2020 @ 1:08 PM

Credit Card Policy

We will continue to take credit cards for the reservation fee of 25% but we will not be accepting credit cards for the balance of the rental or the security deposit. This amount should be brought at the time of pickup in cash, or certified funds. If you have questions please contact our office at 623 247 3984 or 1 800 793 7460

» Saturday February 22, 2020 @ 1:14 PM

Tell us about your RV adventure!

We want to hear from you! If you have rented from us in the past, or plan to rent in the future, and would like to share your experience with the rest of us, we would love to hear from you. Please send your letters and photographs to the webmaster of this site at If your story is selected to be featured on we will notify you so you can share it with your friends.

» Friday May 24, 2013 @ 1:59 AM